Make cybersecurity an asset for your delivery

By integrating cybersecurity into the production pipeline and breaking down the DevOps/IT Security silos, our experts strengthen your infrastructure while optimizing delivery. We audit and secure your infrastructure, equip your developers to incorporate cybersecurity into their development practices, and train your teams in DevSecOps practices.

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In what situations can we assist you?

There are 4types of situations where our clients engage with our security offer:
Cloud Project Creation

Cloud project creation

You're migrating or building a new project in the cloud and need a secure infrastructure to facilitate a secure cloud transition.



You want to empower your development teams to integrate cybersecurity into the deployment flow, automatically detecting code vulnerabilities, bad practices, etc.

Risk understanding

Risk understanding

You lack visibility into your infrastructure's vulnerabilities, the risks they expose you to, and the initiatives you can undertake to enhance your security level.

Post-Incident Investigation

Post-incident investigation

You've experienced an attack and want to know how the attacker gained access, which resources were compromised, and what actions to take to address exploited security gaps.

Our different types of interventions

Once your needs are identified, Theodo Cloud offers security solutions tailored to your context.

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Audit Securité

Security audit

Want to identify weaknesses in your infrastructure and understand the risks they expose? Our security experts audit your infrastructure and provide a detailed report covering:

  • Infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Business risks associated with each vulnerability
  • Detailed and prioritized technical initiatives to enhance your security Our recommendations are actionable immediately and can be implemented by our experts after the security audit.
Cybersecurity Strategy Definition

Cybersecurity strategy definition

Need to define, estimate, and prioritize your cybersecurity initiatives? Our experts in systems security guide you in creating a security roadmap that factors in your constraints, team operations, and business realities.

Post-Incident Investigation

Post-incident investigation

You've fallen victim to a cyber attack (ransomware, DDoS, sensitive data theft, fraudulent use of resources, etc.)? Our cybersecurity experts investigate and provide a detailed report including:

  • Attack timeline
  • Compromised resources (accounts, servers, credentials, etc.)
  • Short-term remediation measures to reduce attack impact
  • Medium-term security measures to safeguard infrastructure and prevent future incidents
Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security

Want to secure your existing cloud infrastructure or build an infrastructure with strong security constraints? Our cybersecurity experts, whether working independently or integrated into a DevOps team, construct your infrastructure, secure critical components (clusters, databases, etc.), and guide you in infrastructure management.

Our expertise

Staying at the forefront of technology

Our partners

Google Cloud [link], Amazon AWS [link], Azure [link], OVHcloud, Kubernetes [link] support our cybersecurity expertise

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Microsoft Azure

Each security intervention follows the following process

Cybersecurity methodology
  1. Launch workshop

    Recap project objectives and context. We jointly validate project successes and identify dependencies (access, information) to ensure optimal project start.

  2. Audit/Investigation

    Study the existing infrastructure along prioritized axes defined beforehand, and produce relevant deliverables based on project type: audit or investigation report, roadmap, etc.

  3. Implementation

    Implementation of technical tasks determined in the previous phase to validate project objectives: cluster securing, intrusion detection system installation, etc.

  4. Restitution

    Project review and presentation of deliverables, both organizational (reports) and technical (implemented services). This workshop aims to jointly validate project success and ensure your teams are equipped to capitalize on the project.

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Security deliverables

Deliverables are sent at the end of each cybersecurity intervention, belong to clients, and are defined at the project's outset. Here are some examples of Theodo Cloud deliverables:

rapport investigation

Investigation report

Report detailing the attack sequence and measures to avoid similar attacks.


Strategic roadmap

We create an action plan with prioritized initiatives based on business impact. These initiatives are estimated and spread over time.

rapport audit

Aduti report

Report detailing our actionable, estimated, and prioritized recommendations to secure your infrastructure.


Project successes

Around 3 successes are defined at the project's outset, accompanied by an indicator and a deadline.

Our promise

Ensuring your success

Cybersecurity is a crucial concern. We concretely support you in achieving a maximal security level.

  • experts

    Experts trained in production constraints

  • cloud

    Technical excellence in the Cloud

  • recommendations

    Actionable and implementable recommendations directly by our experts

  • cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity at the service of delivery

  • Investigation: compromise of an AWS SES mail server

    We were contacted by a company (kept anonymous for security reasons) whose mail server (hosted on AWS) was compromised and used for a phishing campaign. Our client changed all mail server credentials, but the problem recurred three months later. The company then engaged our cybersecurity experts to understand how the attacker obtained credentials and secure the exploited vulnerabilities.

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    • Durée du projet

      Project duration

      • 2 days of investigation
      • 2 weeks of implementation
    • Points clés

      Key points

      • Investigation of traces left by attackers on the infrastructure
      • Explanation to the client of the attack sequence and mode of operation used
      • Securing exploited vulnerabilities, specifically restricting access to the development environment
      • List of critical infrastructure vulnerabilities and measures to secure them
    • Recommandations


      • We recommended our client implement a robust logging system, the absence of which complicated our investigation and reduced our client's ability to investigate security issues.
      • Following this mission, our client commissioned us to implement this logging system, which was the subject of a 2-week security project